Orange ADSL To Get Cheaper By 15 % to 30 %


Orange ADSL Packages will get cheaper by 15 % to 30 % on 1st March 2009. Orange offers nearly unlimited ADSL to Mauritians. The Fair Usage PolicSagem Fast 800 E4y closely monitors Internet Users who makes very huge downloads and uploads. The Exact Download and Upload Limit is not given by Orange. Orange ADSL can be Considered the best ISP in Mauritius due to it’s price, speed & service. With a 128 Kbps Internet Package, one can get download speed of around 13.5 Kbps. There is no need to buy an ADSL Modem because a Sagem Fast 800 E4 Modem is already given on rental. However, one has to pay Rs 1000 for line conversion fee.

Current Orange ADSL Tariffs

New Orange ADSL Tarrifs & Packages( 1st March 2009)


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