29 Responses to “Sending Free SMS to Emtel Phone Numbers”

  1. Is this still working?
    I thought emtel has stopped providing this feature?
    Anyway, some months back, emtelworld.net was not working, dont know for now.

    Welcome to blogging!

  2. Same question…is this still working. I heard from some dudes its no more now… well i’ll put my emtal sim and try lol. Welcome to bloggers of mauritius 🙂

  3. 4 yadhav

    it’s still working. just tried it from my Yahoo Mail. Received message in less than 15 secs.

  4. 5 seegan

    now this service is very slow!!!it takes so much times for delivery!!!!about 1 to 5 hours.

  5. 6 yadhav

    hi, guess it depends on time of day, number of people using it or either coverage in ur area. coz i received mine again in around 15 secs . thanks for sharing ur experiences guys.

  6. 7 Assim

    yea…..li depends……. li still wrking service la…coz mo use sa mem mw….

  7. 8 jeet

    guys….mo fek servi li la….hey b pena n pou orange sa????

  8. 🙂
    Thanks for the small advert 😛

    • 🙂
      @carrotmadman6: Thanks for telling us the way for sending free sms to Orange. Never Knew about this and never found it on any blog.
      Just hope it’s working well.

  9. 13 VimEn

    Its nt w0rking

    • 14 yadhav

      @ VimEn
      🙂 as we have mentioned earlier, it DEPENDS. It may depend on one of these factors:
      1. Your Phone Number.
      2. The Traffic Usage at that Moment
      3. Your Location and Network Availibility.
      4. Your E-Mai ID – with my yahoo mail the sms title doesn’t show off while with my gmail it shows.
      5. Anyone One Of The Above 🙂
      6. maybe your luck is not good….go and check the horoscope “P

  10. 15 sudhir

    http://www.text4free.net u can also use this website to send sms to emtel mobile.

  11. no comment

  12. 18 aurelie alcindor

    it a good thing i love emtel

  13. 19 nathan

    how to receive sms on computer?is it possible??

  14. is that way sending message is stil working cause since last week am not able to receive any mail despite my family are sending me even they cant receive mine…. Why is it so??? Thanks

  15. ya nan

  16. is this stil working am trying to send msg but they are not able to receive

  17. 24 Yesh


  18. 25 Prestley

    Salut!franchement vous dire les amis,jai bon cherché un site pour web2sms sur le net,aucun d c site ne reconé orange mauritius com mobile carier c vrèment dcourageant.sur http://www.reliablesms.com on envoyè d txto sur emtel,si zot ena operamini lor zot ptable zot kpav avoye sms plis ki 120 caracter sans coute zot pas grand sous.

  19. 27 Terence lycan

    yo guys try to use gmail for this feature its very rapid . in less than 30 sec generally you get the message .

    but i need help . how to send to orange or cellplus users ,and the emtelworld.net dont work for all emtel phone number for example some starting with 971xxxx

  20. 28 Nilesh

    fek seyer la…….li pas bon

  21. 29 tauffer


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