Hu Jintao is in Mauritius


China’s 8th President, Hu Jintao arrived in Mauritius at 16.00 for a 2 days visit. He is the first Chinese President to visit Mauritius. Hu Hu Jintao visits MauritiusJintao was accompanied by 120 Chinese Delegates. The Chinese President was honoured by the 21 gun shots and the Mauritian and Chinese National Anthems were played. Schools will remain close tomorrow and office will be released at noon.

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  1. 1 heart of wisdom

    Mauritius has been greatly honoured to have the visit of his Excellency Mr Hu Jintao, President of a new superpower, China, by now the third largest economy in the world. While the USA, UK, France etc are almost bankrupt, China enjoys enormous foreign exchange reserves and is well placed to offer assistance to fellow developing countries. While European countries have turned their back on Africa, Mauritius and the ACP countries, we are very fortunate to be able to count on the assistance of another developing country, China.

    Since the end of the Opium Wars, colonial oppression, and the establishment of the People’s Republic, China has made great strives towards improving human rights among its citizens – the right to education, health care, housing, employment, gender equality, the right to a decent standard of living. Only those prejudiced minds bent on China-bashing will fail to acknowledge the huge and considerable progress made in tacking the problems of squalor and poverty. Of course, much remains to be achieved, but then Rome was not build in one day and the government is doing its very best to tackle the problems faced by this huge country of more than 1.3 billion people. China, like all developing countries, faces huge problems and anyone who has actually been to China cannot fail to be impressed by the considerable progress made. Much also remains to be done in the field of education, in increasing the size of the new middle class, so that, eventually, when the time is right, the population is able to take wise decisions in the interest of the country. Such a process has taken centuries in Europe, decades in the new industrialised countries of Asia. China, for its part, is very lucky to be well governed and has avoided the extreme poverty and turmoil which one finds very often closer to our shores.

    Chinese assistance to Mauritius has been considerable – social housing, airport infrastructure, sport stadium, technical assistance, cultural exchanges, tertiary education etc. The availability of affordable Chinese products have also made it possible for ordinary people to equip their homes with TV sets, DVD players, microwave ovens, mobile phones, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, etc thus considerably improving the standard of living in Mauritius. With its increasing stature on the world stage, China is even better placed to offer assistance to other developing countries such as Mauritius.

    Contrary to what some people think, Mauritius is very privileged and fortunate to have many communities living within its shores, each preserving its language, culture and traditions and thus enriching everybody in the process. Just as the presence of an Indian community and emotional ties with India has made it easier to obtain financial assistance from India in order to create a Cybercity, as well as other assistance in the offshore sector, the presence of a Chinese community in Mauritius has smooth the road for entrepreneurs from the Far East to invest in Mauritius, thus speeding up the industrialisation of the island. Mauritius, a country with no natural resources, has been blessed with a diverse population consisting of many communities and in this century, as we see the centre of gravity of the world move from West to East, the diversity of the Mauritian population is a tremendous advantage when seeking assistance and partnerships from the new superpowers in the East.

    Thank you for your visit, your Excellency Mr Hu Jintao. Thank you for taking the time to assist us, particularly at a time when we face so many problems from the demise of our sugar industry and the loss of preferential treatment from the European Union. Thank you for assisting us in restructuring our economy and in building our infrastructure. Thank you for noticing our small island nation. Long live the friendship and partnership between China and Mauritius.

  2. 2 yadhav

    thanks for sharing ur views heart of wisdom. it’s true that Mauritius has been greatly honored by the Chinese president’s visit.

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