Green School Project Starts in Mauritius


This is a news which should make us proud. A Green School Project was launched this year in Mauritius so as to recycle used materials like wrappers, plastic bags and papers. This can show the Government’s vision in making Mauritius a green island.Green Bin According to this green project, 3 bins will be placed in the school compound including one for paper materials, another for plastics and the third for other materials except the two. I congratulate the government, Ministy of Environment, Ministry of Education and our dear school friends. Hope to see Mauritius becoming the greenest island in Indian Ocean if not in the World.

3 Responses to “Green School Project Starts in Mauritius”

  1. 1 Nirvesh

    Pierre Poivre one of Mauritius greatest ruler (1767-1772) was among the few first rulers in the world to pass laws to protect the environment and this was done to save the endemic forest which was being savagely cut down by french colonist during the FRench / British (100 year war) to build ships.

  2. this is a great initiative

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