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There are some games which are too slow to play while there are some games which are too fast to play. To solve this problem, we have a cheat software for video games which allows gamers to change the speed of the game from fast to slow easily.

  Is Orange Eating Up Our Money ? Reading this title, many of us might get angry because just recently we got those price decrease and speed increase of Orange ADSL. But with those new ” post pay promotions ” like getting a mobile phone at Rs 1 can make some of us ” blind “

Here is a fast and simple way to download video clips by using Mozilla Firefox from most of the websites on the net including YouTube .

Days have gone(or will soon be gone), when we had to hit our mobile phone’s keypad, making disturbing noises. Mobile Phones with touch screen are the latest “mobile phone fashion” in the world as well as in our island Mauritius.    

Orange ADSL has just announced its price decrease and speed increase. Orange gives Sagem Fast 800 E4 as rental for its subscribers. Here is a quick guide for using this modem in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex.