Touch Screen: The New “mobile phone fashion”


Days have gone(or will soon be gone), when we had to hit our mobile phone’s keypad, making disturbing noises. Mobile Phones with touch screen are the latest “mobile phone fashion” in the world as well as in our island Mauritius. LG Free Touch KP500 VB



I call this “mobile phone fashion” because ever since the mobile phone has been invented, constant improvement in design and functions are being seen and each new design lives only for a certain time. Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone

From those big sized heavy mobile(reserved for strong man only) to the Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone, then not to forget those 3G Mobile Phones with camera, MP3/MP4 Player, Video Conferencing and many more amazing functions.

And now, as from 2008, in Mauritius, with the launching of iPhone by Orange, more and more mobile phones with touch screen are availabe. The touch screen mobile phone gives you the flexibility to write faster SMS, have a better experience of Mobile Web Browsing as well as to play amazing games. But however the iPhone in Mauritius is not much affordable with a Prepay Package at Rs 24, 699. A Price Decrease is surely expected in the future years.

iPhone Home Screen

My Favourite Touch Screen Mobile Phone:

LG Free Touch KP500 VB

LG Free Touch KP500 VB

Price: Rs 10 795 at Dragon Electronics Ltd till 05/04/09

Review at PhoneView

3 Responses to “Touch Screen: The New “mobile phone fashion””

  1. One problem with TS phones… which my friend experienced. 🙂

    He once tried to access a phone service where it was required to press buttons for accessing each menu. & guess what… the virtual keyboard never appeared.

  2. 2 yadhav

    @carrotmadman6: hmm, maybe the TS(touch screen) phone manufacturer didn’t even thought of enabling virtual keyboard while trying any function lol! i have not yet bought a TS Phone, but can anyone tell me which TS Phone is much better: with sliding keyboard or the virtual one, which of these makes typing easier. my favorite TS Phone is the one above, at least one with an affordable price(Rs 10, 000).

  3. Guys,
    Touchscreen phone is not only latest, but the best handset to use. Am currently from UK, where I ve got the latest handset like the Iphone 3gs and the Sony Ericsson Satio 12Mg pixel camera. Stuff that U need to understand is that keypad are so much ol fashioned now. We, Mauritians need to move ahead.

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