Downloading Video Clips from YouTube and Other Websites


Here is a fast and simple way to download video clips by using Mozilla Firefox from most of the websites on the net including YouTube .YouTube

Important Notice: This guide is being used at your own risk, this blog doesn’t encourage piracy, better download the clip and watch it, and then rush out to buy an original DVD of it. Thus, this may blog may not interfere where there are problems concerning piracy.

1. Download Mozilla Firefox if you don’t have it from Official Mozilla Firefox Website.

2. Install Video DownloadHelper Add-On.

3. Go to YouTube and play your favourite video. You can now see on your Firefox, 3 Balloons changing colours and rotating. Click on it, and select your video. Wait for the download to finish.

4. These files are normally saved in flv format. Download VLC Media Player to view them. To convert them to MP4 and other formats, download Pazera Free FLV to AVI Converter

4. In many other websites, wait for the ads to be loaded before downloading the video because it may happen that you are downloading the adds.

3 Responses to “Downloading Video Clips from YouTube and Other Websites”

  1. I’ve been using DownloadHelper for more than a year now and I love it 😀 Never experienced any problem with this fantastic extension 🙂

  2. Easier method (only for youtube):
    Say a video url is –

    Add ‘hack’ to it for the mp4 download –

  3. 3 yadhav

    For me HackYouTube is no longer working, I try PWN now. add ‘pwn’ before as mentioned above. it also allow u to save it as either as mp4 or flash(flv)
    update: use – it allows you to save your videos in multiple formats(3GP, FLV, MP4, PSP, IPHONE AND MANY MORE)

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