Is Orange Eating Up Our Money ?



Is Orange Eating Up Our Money ? Reading this title, many of us might get angry because just recently we got those price decrease and speed increase of Orange ADSL. But with those new ” post pay promotions ” like getting a mobile phone at Rs 1 can make some of us ” blind “Nokia 1202Orange Logo

The Nokia 1202 can be ” bought off ” at Rs 1 but with a * which relates to a contract. According to this contract, we must pay Rs 599 per month for a period of 12 months. In this contract, there are 350 sms and 6 hours of talking time to an Orange Phone Number available. That is, data package(WAP) and talking time to other numbers is not included. Most of us, youngsters, won’t prefer a Nokia 1202.

But, the older people, might prefer it but however after the 12 months contract, everything simply sums up Rs 7188 excluding call to Emtel and Data Usage. In Mauritius, we get easily get a Motorola mobile at Rs 1000 LOL, but what’s the need to spend Rs 7188 on a Nokia 1202.

The same thing, applies to the iPhone 3G which was launched last year.

This type of Post Pay Packages, can also be of great benefit to some of us, like getting a cheaper Orange ADSL LOL. But, we must not be too selfish and make others pay for it. So dear, Orange, stop fooling, our Mauritians fellows.

If you are interested, in buying a Nokia 1202 from Orange, view their packages on their websites.

One Response to “Is Orange Eating Up Our Money ?”

  1. These are called publicite mensonger lol. Its sad there are some people who do not actually calculate it as needed and only see the Rs1 thing.

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