Speed Gear: The Time Machine for Video Games


There are some games which are too slow to play while there are some games which are too fast to play. To solve this problem, we have a cheat software for video games which allows gamers to change the speed of the game from fast to slow easily.Speed Gear 5.0

Make as if, you are playing GTA Vice City, there is a scene where someone is shooting at you and you can’ t escape that shoot because this scene is too fast. Now, you open Speed Gear, and you choose to make the game speed slow. Now, you can carefully see what is going to happen and where is the bullet going to hit. This software can also make video games become faster as mentioned earlier.

The main disadvantage of this software is that, when you change the game’s speed, everything in the game will change according to the speed. That is, a faster speed will make the time in the game run more quickly. 

Hope you liked this cheat software but anyway I don’t use it because I don’t play lots of games. It’s just for some of my friends who wanted to know about this software. If you want to use it, here is the download link from CNET Download:

Speed Gear 5.0

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