A Great Story I Just Read


I just read a nice story from ” You Can Win” by Shiv Khera. This story shows how God is helping us each and every minutes. Be sure to read the story, understand it, share it with your friends and tells us what you think about it.Heaven

It was during the monsoon season in India. Heavy Rain was falling. There were high risks of flood in a village near Mumbai. Red Cross, police men and other volunteers were helping the people to leave their houses. But however, there was a man who didn’t want to leave his house. He believed that God would come to help him. After a few hours, his house was half full and the Coast Guards came to help him in their boats. Still then, he didn’t accept the help and continued to believe that God will come and help him. Now, his house was full of water and he was standing on the roof. Helicopters came to help him but still, he didn’t leave his house.Flooding(International)

Finally, he was drowned in the flood and reached heaven. In heaven, he met God and he even showed his angriness towards God. He asked God why he didn’t help him.Heaven 2

God answered ” I sent the Red Cross, the Coast Guards and Helicopters to help you but still you didn’t accept the help”

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