Protect The Love Letters Written For Your GirlFriends


Now that we all live in the world of computer, we no longer write love letters using feathers of birds, Parker ink and coloured papers.Love LettersWe simply write off a new document using Microsoft Word 2007 along with some nice pictures and print it or simply send it off by e-mail.

But  if someone finds the letter in your computer and all the hidden files are shown or he suspects that it must surely must be in the folder with the password, then what will you do?

Now that we have written a bit on love letters, let’s get a bit technical. The aim of this tutorial is to make your folder hidden by a secret 007 method which most of us might not know.

This method is a great one because, it has nothing to do with the current Windows hidden files function and no additional software are needed.

Here is the amazing way:

1. Create your new folder or if you already have one, it doesn’t matter.

2. Now, the first most important part, rename the folder and type the following using the right number keypad:

Alt + 0160

3. The second most important part:

a. Go and Change The Icon Of The Folder(I hope you know about this 😉 )

b. Now, choose a “blank” icon as shown in the pictureHidden Folder Icon

4. Congratulations, your folder is now hidden in a 007 way, drag it to your desktop(if you wish so) where no one else can ever dare to click on it.

5. For those who have not yet understood the whole story: If you want to go in your folder, click on where you have dragged it as if nothing was there.

Eureka! : Another Thing I Noticed

While trying to type those special 007 codes, I noticed that using:

alt+”other numbers in right number keypad”

will give other special characters like:

≡╝+▐╪ ▄╟Ä∟╕Eƒ

Useful Ones(for Twitter): Typing Alt+Typing 5 Five Times(in right number keypad) Give You A Heart: ♥

While Doing The Same Thing For 1 One Time Gives You: ☺

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  1. 1 sjdvda

    See many other Alt codes here

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