Komiko Rocks Mauritius 24/7 With Great Fun


Mauritius will now become a 24/7 working economic model for the world. That definitely doesn’t mean that Mauritians will have to work 24/7. But in fact that the economy will run 24/7 and 7/7. This new concept is developed by HRDC and Komiko gave a hand to sensitize Mauritian students on it. Komiko explains students about Mauritius 24/7 in their own humorous way in a 40 minutes live show in all colleges in Mauritius starting as from Thursday.Komiko Mauritius 24/7

The show comprises of most of Komiko’s actors which unfortunately I don’t know the names. The show is really fun and is known as Caravane Scolaire 24/7. As the name suggests, no auditoriums but only outdoor show with help of a caravan.Mauritius 24/7 Banner

The show’s scenario is in fact a group of Mauritian Student’s discussing about their dreams and goals and how Mauritius 24/7 will help them in their life. The show is a guaranteed fun and humorous one with rocking “dialogues”. The show will indeed be a successful one in Mauritius.

Be Sure To Download The Music Composed By Eric Triton and Bhojpuri Boys at Eric Triton and Bhojpuri Boys Mauritius 24/7 Songs

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13 Responses to “Komiko Rocks Mauritius 24/7 With Great Fun”

  1. 1 Ashesh

    I personally think this is a big boost the the Mauritian Theatre field. Komiko is already well known and the use of funny scenes to send strong and informative messages on Mauritius 24/7 is laudable.

    • 2 yadhav

      Komiko rocked the show, the show included examples from daily life of Mauritian Students like bluetooth, mobile phones and etc. But though this show was rocking, I don’t really follow their shows like Kel Fami on MBC TV.

  2. 3 morinn

    It’s great to see the Komiko group giving a hand to promote the 24 by 7 concept and well, sensitising students is of utmost importance as when they will form part of the working population, Mauritius will already be a 24 by 7 economically active country and they will have to adapt to the concept as from now. 😉

    • 4 yadhav

      yep! in some years, we will be the working force of Mauritius 🙂 and the 24/7 concept will be on…imagine that new Mauritius 😛

  3. I like Komiko shows, and I am sure that they will do a superb job to spread the word.

    But, for their “Kel Fami” show, I think that they scream too much!
    Its a tv show man! no need to shout like this!

    “dans tous lakaaz ena crier, aster kant allime television si zotte p crier meme!”

  4. 7 Divyana

    It truely rocked our school out!!!!
    we love you Komiko, keep on wiz ur great job

    • 8 yadhav

      yep, the show truly rocked 😛 so much that at home, my belly started aching LOL

  5. 9 Zakir

    I hate Komiko kelfami

  6. 12 charisma

    dude trooo tOpO sa show la,,,:)
    mne bien riye hihi looooool:P

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