Orange Innovates With Unlimited TV on Mobile


Orange is now on the pole position with the launching of unlimited TV on mobile at only Rs 250 per month. The package comprises of 15 channels and can be viewed on most mobile phones.

Orange Mobile TV Channels

Just as a reminder, Emtel also has it’s mobile TV with 7 channels from Canal Sat. But Emtel’s offer is not really “unlimited”. You can view more on Emtel Mobile TV on emtel-ltd.comOrange Logo

Now, let’s come back to Orange which has been in Mauritius since only last year, with the rebranding of Cellplus. Orange is offering the new innovative Mobile TV with two main options:

  • TV on your mobile as from Rs 2 per minute
  • Unlimited TV on your mobile at only Rs 250 per month.

The channels which are being offered are the same which My. T users receive at Rs 999(including Internet+Phone). You can read more about these channels on Yashvin Blogs.

On the same occasion, a new mobile phone called Orange Ego is being launched. Orange Ego Mobile Phone

So Mauritian fellows, do you think this offer is really great and I have to switch back from Emtel to Orange ? Do leave a comment below telling us about your opinion on Orange Mobile TV.

If you are interesting in Orange Mobile TV, don’t forget to visit


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8 Responses to “Orange Innovates With Unlimited TV on Mobile”

  1. 1 Ashesh

    I wonder why the new product is called simply “Ego”?

    • 2 yadhav

      why the mobile is called “ego”? but why “Orange” is called Orange LOL 😛

  2. Technologically, watching tv on mobile is simply great, anywhere, anytime…

    Practically… bof.
    I guess you would be need to charge your mobile “matin-soir” if you start watching tv on mobile.
    Although the size of the screen keep increasing, it can be painful for the eyes to stare at it for hours.

    I guess it can be used for emergency situations like :
    – You are late and its already time for palab “Tulsi” LOL!
    – There is an important football match and you are away from home or civilization.
    – watching films from bed 😛

    The price seems accessible for the Rs250/month.

    As for your question about moving to Orange :
    Everything depends on the amount of time you plan to watch tv…on mobile.

    • 4 yadhav

      “emergency situations” lol, this one is for those who are addicted to indian soaps
      As For Switching to Orange: pa pe gagne letan get televizion lor televizion, kot pu al gagne letan get TV lor portab 😛

  3. Look interesting. The price is affordable too.

    • 6 yadhav

      yep, looks damn interesting and really affordabe(15 chaines satelitaires a Rs 200!!) But “maybe”I lost my “love” for watching tv lol(barely watch 30 min of tv per day-Only Journal Televise).

  4. 7 Mike

    Indeed an interesting offer. Technology is moving along and services are coming to Mauritius. I wonder if Emtel will change their offer to compete with Orange? I welcome the competitive environment in telecoms now making things interesting for the consumer. Don’t forget that Orange will have this on display as well as other services at their Pailles expo on 5-6-7 June.

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