Mauritius will now become a 24/7 working economic model for the world. That definitely doesn’t mean that Mauritians will have to work 24/7. But in fact that the economy will run 24/7 and 7/7. This new concept is developed by HRDC and Komiko gave a hand to sensitize Mauritian students on it. Komiko explains students about Mauritius 24/7 in their own humorous way in a 40 minutes live show in all colleges in Mauritius starting as from Thursday.Komiko Mauritius 24/7

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Yes, that’s one of the those information we waited the most for the year 2009. The sour grape turned out to be a “sweet” one for the Central Electricity Board(CEB). Summer time had a positive effect on its aim to reduce energy consumption. Summer Time was first introduced 26 years ago in Mauritius and was re-introduced last year as from 26th October 2008 to 29th March 2009.Sunrise

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We all hate it when the USA is getting something free while we are deprived of getting it. We all know that the made free songs listening available to USA, UK & Germany while the others have to pay for it. You can view more on the on Avinash Meetoo’s Blog.YouTube

Now, latest technological racism is from YouTube. We all love watching free videos on YouTube and we all have seen that some major changes have been brought on YouTube this year.

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Now that we all live in the world of computer, we no longer write love letters using feathers of birds, Parker ink and coloured papers.Love LettersWe simply write off a new document using Microsoft Word 2007 along with some nice pictures and print it or simply send it off by e-mail.

But  if someone finds the letter in your computer and all the hidden files are shown or he suspects that it must surely must be in the folder with the password, then what will you do?

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Great news for all Mauritians, a new company is offering T-Shirts for free as a new advertising method 🙂 But, due to lack of stocks 😦 , the operation has stopped since a few days. You want to see some samples, here they are.

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I just read a nice story from ” You Can Win” by Shiv Khera. This story shows how God is helping us each and every minutes. Be sure to read the story, understand it, share it with your friends and tells us what you think about it.Heaven

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Emtel users, activate WAP today on your mobile phone and get free Rs 100 WAP Browsing for tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday :). A few minutes ago I got this message from Emtel, so hurry up and activate WAP on your mobile phone but don’t exceed the limit.

The Most Important Part Of This Promotion: This Promotion is Available on Browsing Only, Not On Downloading. 😦

Here is the new way to activate WAP(do it now if you didn’t do it earlier):

Send mobile make<space>model<space>wap by SMS to 8080

E.g send nokia n70 wap to 8080 if you have Nokia N70.

View More On Emtel Site.


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