This morning, I found an amazing picture on Twitter. It was the background of James Cox, CNN’s only friend. This picture is really amazing, don’t miss it and do comment on it.

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Twitter, the great micro-blogging software which can make many of us addicted is available in Mauritius for only one cent.

This morning, I was browsing for free games for my LG KU 250 when I came across uTweetMe. uTweetMe is a free mobile application for mobile phones which allows you to post updates to Twitter easilyTwitter. Continue reading ‘Twitter in your mobile for just One Cent’

Finally after a nice wonderful semester, the Easter Holidays are back for our Mauritian Friends who are in primary and secondary. This term was a highly active one with The Green School Project and other great activities. School was also released early with Hu Jintao’s visit to Mauritius. We even got Gael cyclone giving us some holidays in the beginning of February.Easter Eggs

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After seeing that Orange is decreasing its price and increasing its speed in Mauritius, Google felt that it has to do something to be a Perfect Innovative ISP. Thus, it created Google TiSP, a completely new fast, innovative and free Internet Service. It’s even free.Google TiSP Continue reading ‘Get Free Internet From Google in Your Toilet’

There are some games which are too slow to play while there are some games which are too fast to play. To solve this problem, we have a cheat software for video games which allows gamers to change the speed of the game from fast to slow easily.Speed Gear 5.0 Continue reading ‘Speed Gear: The Time Machine for Video Games’


Is Orange Eating Up Our Money ? Reading this title, many of us might get angry because just recently we got those price decrease and speed increase of Orange ADSL. But with those new ” post pay promotions ” like getting a mobile phone at Rs 1 can make some of us ” blind “Nokia 1202Orange Logo

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Here is a fast and simple way to download video clips by using Mozilla Firefox from most of the websites on the net including YouTube .YouTube

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