New Orange ADSL Tarrifs & Faster Orange ADSL


On the 1st March 2009, there will be the new Orange ADSL Price. The 128 Kbps( 1 GB) Package has been removed.Orange Logo
A 256 kbps Package has been added and will replace it at a monthly price of Rs 499 per month. The great part of this great news is that users of Orange ADSL 128 KB(1 GB) will get download limit of 3 GB. Other ADSL Packages will still have unlimited surfing(FUP). Here are the 2 main new ADSL Packages(effective as from 1st March 2009)

128 Kbps(1 GB) becomes:

256 kbps + 3 GB Plan(50 cents per exceeded mb) – Rs 499

128 Kbps(FUP) becomes:

512 Kbps(FUP) – Rs 834

All Prices Include VAT

View other prices on Orange Website

Today, I get say it with great pride, that Mauritius is a Cyber-Island.

6 Responses to “New Orange ADSL Tarrifs & Faster Orange ADSL”

  1. I wonder when nomad will announce their’s.

    • 2 yadhav

      Nomad is still preparing new prices. late as usual just like internet. heard they are working really hard. will it be a price decrease or a speed increase or both ?????

  2. 3 seegan

    Nomad have not enough decrease its prices, the 64kbps is still RS399/month!only for new package is RS259/month for 64kbps!!!

  3. Dear Friends of Orange Mauritius/world and none Orange friend,

    We addresed a thread about a month ago on the issues of Orange Рdetailing how it all started from Freeserve, then Wonadoo then Orange Рour plea over the shoddy treatement and the amount of time we have taken to resolve the problematice Рall along we still paying £32per months. Because of who we are political conncetions, archaic/fraternal Рchristian powerful French connections, Mauritius and Reunion the mega growth they have achieved Рnever a thank you or anything.

    We have read in the Mauritius L’express the loss of the value of the Market 50%.

    We had expected that this mega financial and economic crises would seriously put some “brain” where it is missing – our discussions with the Orange staff fairly bluntly.

    We have discontinued our account – because we are not made of dirty stuff we have reloaded a dial- up internet backup and indeed we have been using for two weeks from Orange.

    Today we started suing the maing Talk Talk – Carphone Warehouse Braod band. Those who are interested watch development in the next 3 months and that mega Orange convention in Mauritius.

    They will see the mess. Please somebody point our comment to Orange Official people.

    You can find out who we are at aks forum or – our forums.

    Thank you


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