The Sour Grape Turned Out To Be A Good One(Mauritius Summer Time)


Yes, that’s one of the those information we waited the most for the year 2009. The sour grape turned out to be a “sweet” one for the Central Electricity Board(CEB). Summer time had a positive effect on its aim to reduce energy consumption. Summer Time was first introduced 26 years ago in Mauritius and was re-introduced last year as from 26th October 2008 to 29th March 2009.Sunrise

Summer Time could reduce energy consumption during peak hours, reduce carbon consumptions and could make the CEB gain 15 megawatts of energy. This was part of the “Maurice Ile Durable” project.

Summer Time surely had some negative effects on the life on Mauritians. There is in fact a long list of these problems faced by Mauritians. The duration of Summer Time could have been reduced by around three months to make it seem more pleasant for Mauritians.

Now, let’s come back to the results of the application of Summer Time in Mauritius. Summer Time made the CEB to reduce the energy consumption by 18 megawatts during peak hours. Thus making “profits of Rs 40 Million”

The suspense still remain whether Summer Time will still be implemented in Mauritius or not. So, are you in favour of Summer Time in Mauritius ? I would prefer a summer time of only 3 months in Mauritius(October to December) because the sun would set at around 19.00/20.00 😛

Important Note: The accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed! This information was spotted on this morning and was later removed during the day.It was re-published on Le Defi Plus this morning.( 🙂 It’s no more a suspense, view update below)

Update(Thursday, June 4, 2009): Good News for all of you, no more over-sleeping and nightmare, Summer Time will not be introduced in Mauritius this year. Though Summer Time brought the required 15 megawatts energy savings to CEB, Summer Time was really not suitable for the Mauritian lifestyle and thus turned out to be a flop.

Another factor which contributed to the 15 megawatts energy saving could probably be the distrubution of “globes economiques” at a very affordable price to Mauritians.


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6 Responses to “The Sour Grape Turned Out To Be A Good One(Mauritius Summer Time)”

  1. lol at your end notice 😛

    U read defimedia? another lol.

  2. 3 yashvin

    MEGALOL! Nice one!

    In fact, I read defi plus, but not their ‘blog’.

  3. 4 Yusuf

    In my opinion, summertime was a failure..

    Energy saving: Mo bill électriciT ine reste pareille ou bien ine monT parfois

    Negative effects on lifestyle: Mari dan difé ban zen..Lané dernière mo ti fek rentre UOM. Mne rentre dans 1 classe 1 hr late..

    CEB makes profits: Pff..Accountant mwa? Ki mo kav fer si zot fer profit..Mo mami bizin kontinier roule so ménaz li..Enfin, si prix courrent pas monT bonnto mem..Li gagne imP pliss cash pou asT gato français..

    Suspense: Pas mett sa mama..Mo gagne frisson..Si mo lev 5 hrs saV dir mo p lev 4hrs..Bel zafer la..législateur remett time act fer nu time zone vine GMT +5..Pas mett sa enkor foutour..Pas gatt mo la vie

  4. 5 yadhav

    @ yusuf
    oui, nou tou d’accord avek seki tone dir mais rapport CEB 😛 qui pe dire tou sa la. hmm, pou moi pendant la fin Mars, mo ti bizin torche quand mo ti pe sorti la caze 6.30 a.m. ti mari bez ek danzere parce qui mo mem mo ti sel lor bis stop 😦

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